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4 Reasons To Free Your Wife From Housework

We have an important message for all the guys reading this newsletter. (And ladies, if the man in your life doesn’t usually see these newsletters, print this out and leave it somewhere he’ll find it...)

Men, Valentine’s Day is coming up and we know you’re probably driving yourself half crazy trying to think of the ideal gift to get the woman in your life. Have you considered signing up for a regular cleaning service, or increasing your commitment to bringing in a professional cleaner so you can free her up from housework?

Now, don’t get us wrong, you still need to get flowers, chocolates, a wonderful dinner out – or whatever the lady in your life prefers – but professional cleaning would be a great start and here are four really good reasons.

Giving the gift of time. There is really nothing more precious in our lives than time. When you bring in a professional cleaning service to liberate your wife, you are giving her something that’s even more valuable than diamonds and gold. Whether your wife works full-time or part-time outside of the home, or she spends all of her time running your household, she will appreciate the extra help that gives her back some of the hours of her week. If you have children, the value of those extra hours with their mom is immeasurable.

Investing your money wisely. Professional cleaning services are cost effective. The highly trained and experienced crew at Welcome Home Cleaning know how to get the job done properly in the least amount of time, using the right tools and cleaners. In her heart, your wife knows that she should be spending her time doing the tasks that she is uniquely qualified to do; free her from housework so she can focus on those areas.

Did you know that today women make up most of our country’s successful new entrepreneurs? Your wife may have a business idea that’s she’s been thinking about and if you give her some more time, she can make it happen.

There’s another direct financial benefit you and your wife will enjoy: proper maintenance extends the life of your home. When bathroom fixtures, hardwood flooring, carpeting and other elements in your home are regularly cleaned and maintained they last longer. Further, when you decide to sell your home, you’ll be able to get top dollar.

Enjoy your home together. We call the houses we live in our “castles” and sometimes our “nests.” When everything is going well in our homes, we are our happiest. Our stress levels go way down. With a regular cleaning service, both you and your wife will get extra pleasure and fulfillment out of the time you spend together in your home.

Ease your wife’s conscience. Can we talk? Your wife probably already knows everything we’ve said here and realizes your need for professional cleaning, but for a variety of reasons she may be hesitant to start the discussion. Be proactive. Don’t make her ask. Show her that you understand the situation and that you care. Nothing says, “I love you” more than that.

We started this discussion out by encouraging men to treat the women in their lives to a regular, professional cleaning service. However, we suspect that any single men reading this could probably use our cleaning service as well.

Are we right about that?